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About this site

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Info pages are Standalone pages: contrary to regular Posts, do not appear in the regular flow of posts. Instead, they are typically accessed directly from a navigation menu.

This extra information is only displayed when detailed view is requested. This is achieved by adding a display condition on a block of content like [div::view=detailed] ... [/div].

Note: If needed, skins may format info pages differently from regular posts.

Homepage Title

This is the Home page of your site.

More specifically it is the "Front page" of the first collection of your site. This first collection is called "Home". Several other sample collections may have been created during the setup process. You can access these collections by clicking "Blog A", "Blog B", "Photos", etc. in the menu bar at the top of this page.

You can think of collections as "sections" of your site. Different collections/sections may have different purposes: blog, photo gallery, forums, manual, etc. You can add or remove collections at will through the back-office. You can even remove this "Home" collection if you don't need it.

Feel free to experiment! If you delete all collections, the Quick start wizard will come back and you will be able to start with a completely new arrangement of collections.

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I'm a demo author.
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